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The water bottling industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is harmful to the environment and more important this convenience of bottled water has harmed us personally by loading us up with de-mineralized water. The bottled water craze has become such an overpowering industry that Coke and Pepsi claim that bottled water will overtake their other products in sales. The problem with increasing this production is the increase in oil consumption to make each bottle, leaching of plasticizers in our water and the reduction of minerals that we ingest. Each time we modify our diets by reducing our mineral intake we have to increase the minerals in some other form so our bodies continue to operate with the proper levels. 

The USA loves bottled water and premium brands which continue to prosper in the market place continue tio boggle the mind asmost test show that they are no more pure than less expensive brands. Dr Grant Hose from teh university of Technology, Sydney, Australia, said the results showed that "the notion that bottled water was somehow more pure than tap water was incorrect. Tap water is as healthy for you as bottled water - its no different,"

The analysis tested for bacteria in house water samples as well as bottled water samples. They also reviewed the levels of dissolved solids that would affect taste like calcium, magnesium, sodium, flouride, and nitrate to name a few. Neither the bottled water nor the tap water samples has any detectable bacterial contamination, and all were well within guidelines for all other substances. So why not treat yourself to mineralized water direct from the tap instead of bottled water your body will notice the difference.