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July 30th, 2012

Dear Blue Water Technologies:

I am writing this letter to inform you of the success that I have experienced with the mPULSE3000 swimming pool water treatment system. This device made a substantial difference on reducing the calcium build-up on the sides of my pool and rock waterfall! I would strongly recommend this product to anyone with a pool. The cost definitely outweighs the calcium headaches.


Brandon Vise

This product is great and I notice a big difference with the water. I am in Vallarta right now making my life more simple, marketing my condos.. Hope all is good with you. 



Since we sell only through distribution and not consumer direct testimonials are not in our files. We contacted Riverside SCP and they supplied this person’s name who has put in at least 12 for different customers and is a good contact for verification of how it well it works.

Ricardo Rodriguez at City Pools

Installed on Friday and by Sunday evening there were dime sized holes in eight year old mineral buildup. This thing is unbelievably aggressive the way it dissolves mineral. If this is unusual contact me, I have an idea. 


I received the mpulse3000 Thursday and installed it Saturday everything works great. Do you need me to send in the registration card? if so i can not find the serial number for the membrane all i have is the serial number for the control box. and also i set the switch on B instead of A since my pool is a salt system.

Thanks Sam Porter

This is a remarkable product. I use to have to clean my pool  tile every year because of the calcium scaling. Now calcium scaling is a past nuisance. I highly recommend the mPULSE3000.

Amy Fischer 

No calcium scaling yeah right! Well I am willing to tell you that you proved me wrong. The mpulse 3000 has kept my pool free of scaling and I am going on my fifth year without even changing the water. AMAZING truly AMAZING.

Beck Lower 

I saw this product first at a home show and did a lot of research on the internet before I purchased one. I found a few negative sites that were sighting opinion without any fact. The company showed me independent tests and had me talk  with their customers and get the facts directly from the horse’s mouth. I was allowed to ask anything I wanted and didn’t feel like the customers they sent me to were in any way coached. I am so glad I followed their lead and purchased this product for my pool and home.

Jonathan White 

I have heard this defined as snake oil. I was a skeptic too! I took a chance only because my pool guy recommended it and was going to refund me the total amount if I wasn’t satisfied. Well I am totally satisfied and didn’t ask for one penny back.

Matt Michaels 

I was involved with initial testing on the mPULSE 3000 pool water treatment system when I worked for a distributor. I worked with a pool builder who installed two pools next door to each other. On one pool we installed the mPULSE 3000. The same pool technician maintained the two pools. Three years later the pool without the mPULSE 3000 had to be bead blasted twice for calcium build-up. The pool with the mPULSE 3000 was still calcium free. I AM A TRUE BELIEVER!

Ryan Foster

As the beta test site for the mPULSE 3000 I installed about 50 units on every pool I built. All the pools that had the mPULSE 3000 showed considerably less calcium scaling if any at all. In the small volumes of pools where calcium scaling did show up it was easily removed with little to no effort.