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Weíve had our mPULSE 3000 for three weeks.  We REALLY like it.

What we like the best:

1.     No more RO.  That was a real pain; everything about it.  There was never enough water, it was slooooow and the filters were expensive and grossly inconvenient to source and replace.  RO water never quenched your thirst.

2.     No more slipping and sliding in the shower and tub.  That has always been dangerous, particularly for grandma.  No more need to constantly replace those anti-slip strips in the shower.

3.     Skin doesnít itch all the time.

4.     You know when you have rinsed sufficiently.

5.     The water tastes great from any faucet in the house. 

6.     We donít have to listen to the constant racket of a brine tank rinsing.  That had to be expensive and wasteful.

7.     The dishes donít get as spotted.

8.     We donít have to hustle salt and keep an eye on the tank.

What surprised us:

1.     We use more hand and bath soap.

2.     The soft water system didnít leave the pipes clean (as advertised) and we had some plumbing issues we werenít expecting.  Two of the under-sink valves didnít work.  There may be more, but we didnít want to tempt fate by trying all.

What we would do differently:

1.     We would not flush the toilets first thing after installing the mPULSE 3000.  That was an issue.  Two of the toilets got plugged-up.  One is still an issue, but it has an unreliable cut-off valve.  We think the value is partially blocked.

2.     We would take the faucet filters off the tubs and kitchen sink and run the water for a while to let the Carbon (?) clear the pipes before flushing the toilets.

I suppose it seems like an odd thing to say, but our (hurried) life is much improved by this decision.  It saves us about 15 minutes a day futzing around the RO issues.  It isnít that the time was that big a deal, but it was aggravating; several times per day.  15 minutes every day regretting the decision to install soft water.

I noticed an ad in the newspaper last weekend for Kinetico.  Not only was the ad full of embellishments, there were several points that were misleading and some that were outright false.  So it goes; buyer beware!

Thanks for selling us the mPULSE 3000.  I knew this was going to be a good decision.


Bob and Vicki

February 25, 2009

Dear Deep Blue,

Several weeks ago, we had one of your whole-house water systems installed and I love it.  I am drinking the tap water and I really enjoy the taste.  I could never say that before about city water!  Also, I noticed the water is softer than before, but without the slimy feeling that came with the water softener I had before.  The lather in the shower is awesome, but again, unlike soft water, it rinses away cleanly without the feeling that it isn't coming off.  Overall, the system is worth every dime I paid for it and I recommend it wholeheartedly to others.

Bryan Cresfield

Dear Deep Blue,

Recently we had a Deep Blue Whole House Water System installed in our home.  We had heard about the impulse technology and the whole house water system on the radio for several years, we were most interested in the fact that "one system" would provide good water to drink, and also treat the hard water problem we have here in Mesa, Arizona.  No more need to lug the large jugs of water back and forth to the local water store.  We now fill up our jug right at the tap, we still use our water bottle machine since we like how the cooler keeps the water cold or hot at our fingertips.  I now also use less detergent in the washing machine and the glasses in the dishwasher seems to be spot free.  Our Deep Blue sales man asked how we like the system, and if I would write a short note, is ok to share this information with others.  We are very please with the system.

Norman and Bobi Morgan

February 20, 2009

Dear Deep Blue,

The water system that was installed at my house is fabulous! I love the taste of the water at the tap.  I always disliked the city water, but R/O always tasted "tinny" and devoid of flavor too.  My hair is softer than ever in the shower and I love knowing that I'm not bathing in chlorine anymore.  This is a wonderful system and I recommend it to all of my friends.

Rho Anne Moody


This product is great and I notice a big difference with the water. I am in Vallarta right now making my life more simple, marketing my condos.. Hope all is good with you. 



My wife and I are very satisfied with your Impulse 3000 water treating system.  I do have one question though.  I shut off the water to our home when we leave our home for a period of a week or more.  We don't want to come home to a bursted pipe. Does this harm the Impulse system since it back flushes to the sewage line the impurities captured by the water treating system?  The system is set up to do this several times during the week.

Bob Trella 


I saw this product first at a home show and did a lot of research on the internet before I purchased one. I found a few negative sites that were sighting opinion without any fact. The company showed me independent tests and had me talk  with their customers and get the facts directly from the horseís mouth. I was allowed to ask anything I wanted and didnít feel like the customers they sent me to were in any way coached. I am so glad I followed their lead and purchased this product for my pool and home.

Jonathan White 

I have heard this defined as snake oil. I was a skeptic too! I took a chance only because my pool guy recommended it and was going to refund me the total amount if I wasnít satisfied. Well I am totally satisfied and didnít ask for one penny back.

Matt Michaels